85 Larch Street Sudbury, ON P3E 1B8 T. 705.675.8405
LINC Sudbury
LINC Sudbury Services

We offer a variety of classes for learners from Literacy level to
LINC level 6

  • English is taught according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks and LINC Curriculum Guidelines.
  • Learning is enhanced by the use of computers and ESL software.
  • Transportation and Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) assistance provided for registered eligible students.
  • Home study program may be available for students who cannot attend regular LINC classes.



Below are some thoughts from our students.

Challenges make us stronger.
They push us to try harder
They allow us to be brave
They offer us courage
They instill hope in us
We go farther than we ever dreamed possible…
Just by believing that we can.

Thank you, LINC!
Level 6

Hello, Everyone!
My name is Jian.
I’m from Suzhou of China.
I started to study English in January.
I know the teachers,
I know a lot of classmates too.
We study together everyday.
I’m very, very happy.
Thank you very much!

Level 2